Bio of Jason Preston (CEO)

Jason has been an entrepreneur since he was a child.  Growing up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Jason would put on magic shows in his basement at the early age of 5 years old.  He would constantly take things apart, and then do his best to put them back together.  This went on from the age of around 7yrs old.   He then moved to Fort Worth, Texas at the Age of 9, and continued to entertain through magic shows.

Jason’s first computer was the TRS80 from radio shack, and then upgraded to the Apple II+  when it first came out.

Jason moved back to Canada in 1987 when he moved to Toronto, Ontario.

One of the things that makes Jason stand out in the crowd is his ability to be a lateral thinker.

Jason is always looking for his “point of difference”.

After Jason graduated Radio & Television Broadcasting, he started a small business called “entre-manureal industries with his long time friend Corey Mindel.  This Business provided pony rides for children’s birthday parties, and special events.  Jason ran this Business with Corey for 3 years before he bought Corey out.

Although Jason was always interested in Technology, he only started to work in the industry after graduating Radio & Television Broadcasting in 1990.

As computers and the internet really started to take off (after the dial up modem days), Jason and one of his oldest friends from Montreal started a business called Canada MicroTech Inc.  The business was formed to be the master distributer (north of the USA boarder) for US MicroTech.  This was a company that was selling a CPU to compete with “Intel”.  needless to say, it was a tough go.  So, Jason bought all the shares of the company from Corey Mindel, and changed the focus of the business to specializing in automating dental offices.  This business model really took off.  Jason’s Company was contracted by the world’s largest dental supply companies for multiple jobs.

Jason started with Andrew Bongard, another successful business owner who started one of the first Internet Service Provider companies in Canada.  Although the Business had nothing to do with the internet, It gave both Jason & Andrew the opportunity to get involved in global importing for 2 of the largest drug store chains in Canada.

Jason later bought all the shares of from Andrew.

Jason’s latest venture (adventure) is tackling the social media industry. inc. has found a point of difference when it comes to offering free WiFI.

Owner of Canada MicroTech Inc.

Investor, and owner of residential rental properties in Toronto, Canada.

Owner of inc.