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    How it Works

    how does your company rank in the social media world?

    What if I can help you expose your companies FaceBook page to 10’s of thousands of people.

    Think of it like this:

    If 1 person has 100 FaceBook friends, and that 1 person checks-in at their favorite restaurant, then all 100 friends see the FaceBook page of the restaurant that their friend just checked in at.

    So, if you are considering giving your customers Free WiFI, why not get some social media exposure while doing it.  Just think, your customer that is in your place of business is now telling all their FaceBook friends (which are like minded people to your customer) that they really like your business.

    Here’s how it works:   we provide you with a NODE that you plug into your existing network (with internet), This NODE broadcasts your companies name as the WiFI signal to connect to (this is called the SSID).  Once the customers Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any WiFI enabled device connects to your SSID, they are directed to YOUR FaceBook page to “check-in”  on the lower part of the page, it states that if you would like to use the WiFI offered by your company, they must check-in to you FaceBook page.

    That’s it.  Once they check-in, they can now check their e-mails, go on FaceBook, twitter, yelp, ect….


    So, for those of you who already offer free WiFI to your customers, how sure are you that your customers don’t have access to your companies computer systems, including but not limited to your POS system, printers, accounting programs, credit card information, ect…..

    Although we can NOT comment on other products in the marketplace, we can tell you that more times than not, when you buy a router with WiFI capabilities from a retail location there is a good chance that your network is vulnerable to hackers.

    Our equipment has been tested, retested, and then after that, retested again to make sure that customers connecting to your SSID through our device can NOT see any devices on your network.

    We even went a step further and designed a system that doesn’t even let one of your customers connected through our device to see another one of your customers devices and/or information.


    To recap:  If one person a day connects to your WiFI, you are reaching 100 people a day.  That’s 3000 people a month.

    If 10 people connect each day to your network, you are reaching an average of 30,000. people per month.  Not bad for only $20.00   (that’s .0006 cents per person reached).

    Pricing Table

    Set-up fee is per Node $150.00 one time fee.
    Monthly fee per Node $20.00 per month.
    Optional enclosures based on environments. (photo’s & link to installations videos)
    Pricing for shipping Nodes will be determined based on method of shipping and location at time of order.
    All Payments are processed through PayPal’s monthly recurring system.