WiFi Hot Spots

Increase your Social Media Exposure by offering Free WiFi to your customers. Just Imagine over 30,000. people every month being exposed to your company name by personal friends of theirs.

24-Hour Monitoring

Our Cloud based WiFi service provides 24 hr monitoring of who is on your network (through our Node), and whether your node is online or not. Other services coming in the future will allow our clients to view how many devices are connected at specific times thought our Node, as well as give our clients a snapshot of the types of web services their customers are using while on their WiFi. This will not disclose private information, just general traffic info.

Network Services

IMeanBiz.Com offers network service through our partner companies. Feel free to contact us for more information on available managed and unmanaged services. Whether they need to be locally based or cloud based.

IMeanBiz.Com makes your business's success our top --and only--priority

When it comes to the Success of your business, WE Mean BIZ..... By using our hot-spot technology, you will be reaching all of your existing customers friends lists through Facebook. So, do the math: If 1 person connects to your WiFi by checking in on your Facebook acct, they create a "News Feed" that is seen by all their friends (on Facebook). Lets assume they have 100 Friends, so you just reached 100 people (similar to your customer) with just one customer connecting. Now what happens when 10 customers connect? That's right, you just reached 1000 people. So, If 50 customers a day connect.... Well, let's just say you are getting alot of exposure!

What Our Clients Say About us

Once I put the IMeanBiz.Com hotspot at my Yoga Studio, I stopped worrying about hackers getting into my accounting system, and I started to see my Facebook Check-In's really skyrocket.                                                                namaste
Mike K
We are located in a strip plaza, and we were concerned about giving away WiFi for free because we didn't want to be held liable when customers connected to our network, and then might choose to visit illegal/unacceptable websites, so choosing this service has taken that concern away.  We also don't have to worry about our neighbors staying on our network all day long, because we chose to have all WiFi connections disconnect automatically every 2 hours.  So once these concerns were behind us, it was a NO BRAINER to subscribe to this service.  Now all of our customers (and ...
SteveSteve's Coffee Shop
This service had boosted my social awareness exposure 1000 times what I expected....Thanks so much.